Mer·ri·ment: Noun.  Cheerful, high-spirited, fun, and lively.    

I had long pondered starting a website to express my patriotic beliefs.  What would I put on the website?  I had no idea.  

One sunny afternoon, I was daydreaming and pondering ideas.  I knew that I was a patriot.  I new that I was "'Merican" and I knew that I was a cheerful guy (and I still am...).  So I started looking for synonyms to cheerful and found merriment - and it hit me! "Merriment 'Merican Patriot."  So I bought the domain and made a logo, and never did anything with it. Then someone decided to steal my American Flag and unleash the beast.  That's how this website and mmPatriot was born!


For $75, a veteran will come to you and install a beautiful 3’ X 5’ sewn American flag on a brushed aluminum 6’ pole anywhere you want at your home or building.  Every part, including the flag, is made in the U.S.A and of the highest quality.  Get your flag installed today!

Not that you're interested in hearing my story, but I'll tell you anyway of how and why I launched this initiative to instill more patriotism into our communities.

I was born in Crimea during the fall of the Soviet Union (now part of Russia).  My entire family immigrated to Los Angeles in November of 1991 in the hopes of achieving the American Dream.  Throughout my childhood, I heard from my father how lucky and blessed I am to be living in the good ol' USA.  He instilled in me a deep love of country and sense of patriotism. My father said many times, "America is not perfect, but it's the best of what there is."  

So, I grew up with a deep love for our country.  I joined the Marines in 2009 as an infantryman to serve my country. 6 years later, two non-combat deployments overseas, enough experiences to fill a book, and meeting the people i'm humbled to call as brothers, the Marines have only made my love of America deeper.  

I believe in the American Dream.  I believe in the American worker.  I believe that we're a great country, but of course, we can always be better.  But for us to begin improving we must begin to unite.  I'm just trying to do my part.  Join me on this journey.

who am i?

Why mmPatriot and what's "Merriment?"

This idea began when I purchased a beautiful American Flag and wanted to install it at my apartment complex as an expression of my patriotism.  I was shocked when I received complaints from a neighbor who believed the American Flag is divisive and would spark anger within our community.  I respectfully disagreed and proceeded to put the flag up. 

About a week later on my nightly walk with my pup, I immediately noticed my American flag was missing.  My flag was not only cowardly stolen, but my property was damaged as well.  It really took effort for someone to steal our flag.   **I urge the person who stole my flag to email me so we can meet for coffee and a friendly conversation**  I was so angry and hurt that I knew I needed to do something.

I realized the best way to fight the contempt of our American Flag is to win by the numbers. You don't like my one flag?  Great.  I'll get the whole neighborhood to install our beautiful American flag everywhere.  Flying Old Glory should not be an anomaly, rather, it should be the norm.  

As we approach the 2016 election season, America will once again be divided by two political parties.  This isn't a Conservative or Liberal agenda - it's an effort to rise above all of the bickering and raise an American flag on every home to remind us that we are all one people; Americans.  

what is this initiative?


Immigrant.  Marine Corps veteran.  Patriot.